Extremely Professional

Lightning Virtual Assistants (Olivia) came to my attention via social media. I contacted Olivia directly and she was extremely professional from the outset. The work she carried out was exactly as discussed with little additional input required from me. As a small business, I often need a bit of help and a VA is a great way to get the support I need. I'll definitely be using LVA and Olivia again.

Helen Blood - H2H Marketing Services 

Can-do Attitude

Olivia was my PA for 3 years at Npower and provided admin support to the team of about 25. She is extremely efficient and one of the most well-organised people I have ever worked with. She has excellent people skills and approaches all challenges with a can-do attitude and a smile.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to help your business or organisation.

John Gilbert - Head of Commercial Services - Npower

Top Quality

I have worked with Liv for many years and she truly is the best in the business when it comes to business administration. Everything she delivers is 100% to the business needs and top quality. I couldn't recommend her enough! 

Kat Mazurek - Npower

Aware of Business & Customer Needs

In the number of years I have known the owner Olivia Lucassi, I can say I have never known anyone more aware of business and customer needs. Always ensuring quality and delivery are key and high priorities.  

Rachel Hands - PMO Manager - Npower

Flexible & Highly Adaptable

Having worked with Liv for over 10 years, while she supported a number of key stakeholders in Npower, her enthusiasm and passion shone through with every engagement I had with her. Always smiling and happy to help.  Liv is both flexible and highly adaptable in her approach, she was able to pioneer new ways of working for both herself and her senior management stakeholders when we were delivering workspace change projects across the estate. This led to her being one of our top champions of Agile working in our business for her line of work as she was able to to push the boundaries of what was the norm for PAs, who often have difficulty adjusting to these new and innovative ways of working.  Liv however took this all in her stride, championing different ways of working and demonstrating the art of the possible when it came to thinking about both work and the workplace. I'd love to work with Liv in the future on similar projects if I was able as she'd be a great spokesperson for rethinking how we do things in our business as well as supporting the basics like coordinating diaries and bringing large volumes of people together. Her passion is easily demonstrated with a new and exciting venture to challenge our normal views on personal assistant requirements and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues alike. 

Justin Hyde - Npower

The "go-to" Person

Liv is a real star. I’ve worked with Liv over the last 4 years and she has always been the “go to” person for all those random questions when you don’t know where or how to start. Her super power is her open approach to every challenge which means even if she doesn’t know the answer off the top of her head,  you know she will track it down and help you find your way.

Eleanor Ballard - Development Manager - Npower

No Problem Too Big

I worked with Liv as part of the PA support to the Energy Services senior leadership team at npower. She was always a key member of the group with her extensive business knowledge. Her enthusiastic, helpful and cheerful approach was invaluable. No problem was ever too big or small and was always executed with care and diligence. I wholeheartedly recommend Liv to anyone wanting the friendly, helpful and professional approach she delivers.

Vicky McCombie - PA - Npower 

Attention to Detail Second To None

 Liv and I have worked together for 15 years. Each of her roles contributed to the vast knowledge she amassed during that time, making her the go-to person for help and information. Her attention to detail is second to none, approaching all tasks with the same level of dedication. I would not hesitate to recommend Liv to anyone looking to outsource to a VA, you won’t find anyone better. 

Dawn Dunn - PA - Npower

Professional in Every Sense

Liv is a professional in every sense and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. We worked alongside each other as part of a senior PA team in the utility sector.  Liv successfully supported an entire Senior Management Team whilst also providing dedicated PA support to a Director.  She became the 'go to' person for an even wider group due to her knowledge, experience and genuine desire to be helpful. Her ability to multi task, re-prioritise and always have good attention to detail is second to none. 

Bridget Pavey - Personal Assistant, Npower 

Wholly Recommended

 I’ve worked with Liv for over 13 years.  She is the ultimate professional and will leave no stone un-turned in order to do something right first time. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious and spurs people on in their work day. She’s very knowledgeable and can put that knowledge into practice. I would wholly recommend Liv to any small business who needs that extra capacity in the admin area. I wish her well in her new venture! 

Linda Jones - Npower  

Super Organised & Skilled Communicator

I worked with Olivia for 3 years at Millennium in London. She is extremely proactive, highly efficient, super organised, and a skilled communicator. Although she is a team player, she is just as comfortable  using her own initiative and getting the job done! She is a reliable, pleasant work colleague, approachable, with a bubbly personality and a great sense of humour. I have no hesitation recommending her! 

J Hancock - Millennium  

Ability to Meet & Surpass Demands

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Olivia Lucassi and I have worked collaboratively for 5 years at Npower where I have found her to be a conscientious and hardworking professional. One of the reasons we have both been successful in our field is the ability to meet and surpass demands, face challenges head on and deliver above and beyond.

During the years I have worked alongside Olivia I have had the opportunity to observe her interpersonal style, radiating positivity in every task she does. I would describe her as dedicated, enthusiastic with a specific penchant for meeting deadlines, a true multi-tasker who has ensured the efficacy of many projects.

I would fully recommend Olivia for any future role she has chosen to undertake.

Donna Cheetham - Personal Assistant, Npower